When your people grow, your organisation grows.

At Emotous, we’re about people. 

Our mission is simple: to empower people and organisations to achieve their goals and reach their greater potential.

We are an international team of personal development experts, talent management strategists and professional coaches, who are committed to building future-ready leaders and agile workforces. We connect with your people to create data driven, professional growth. Enabling teams to perform at their best in areas that optimise organisational success: leadership development, emotional intelligence and psychological safety.

Emotous Connect is our vibrant community, providing a safe space where you can collaborate and connect with like-minded people and get exclusive access to our programs and resources.


Behavioural change happens in community. Build your network connect and learn together with like-minded people across the globe.


Bite sized learning, to enable growth. Access to curated micro-learning that challenges your thinking and enables continuous growth.

Join the Emotous Connect community today and start connecting, learning and growing with us.